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UNE would like to provide a few key points of guidance to help Locals and Stewards manage workplace grievances and refusal of dangerous work during this unprecedented time.

Grievances related to leave during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Some members are being denied appropriate leave or feel pressured to use their sick leave or annual leave in a situation where they believe they have a right to other leave such as Code 699 (leave for other reasons) or equivalent.

Please contact your UNE Regional Vice-President for assistance with this type of issue.

Refusal of Dangerous Work

Some members may not feel safe reporting to work for a variety of reasons, including that they are a high-risk person with a pre-existing health condition, they provide care for young children or elderly parents or reside with a high-risk person.

In these cases,  before taking action, refer the matter to your Workplace Health and Safety Committee who can ask for an Emergency Meeting of the Committee in accordance with the Canada Labour Code Section 134.7, 135.7 d for Federally-Regulated organizations or Occupational Health and Safety Act of Ontario Section 9 (18) and 43 (4) for Provincially-Regulated organizations.

If you are unable to resolve issues using Workplace Health and Safety mechanisms or need technical guidance, please contact your UNE Labour Relations Officer.

Other workplace grievances not related to the immediate situation created by COVID-19

UNE believes we need to focus our resources on the urgent and emerging pandemic situation and is asking Locals and Stewards to attempt to put all non-urgent workplace grievances into abeyance in the short-term.  By placing a grievance in abeyance all timelines are suspended and a member’s rights are protected even as the grievance is placed on “pause.”    

Please contact your UNE Regional Vice-President for advice and guidance with regards to placing non-urgent grievances in abeyance during the pandemic period.

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