Terms of Reference

January 2022

  1. The Bylaws and Policy Committee will review governance documents and recommend improvements to the National Executive to maintain the relevance of our governance.  Governance documents may include:
  1. The committee will consider and report on all matters that are referred to it by the
    National Executive or National President.
  2. Union of National Employees members in good standing may attend meetings of the committee as an observer.  All expenses incurred by observers attending the meeting are the responsibility of the individual observer or his or her local.  Prior approval should be sought from the chair.
  3. Should the chair of the committee be absent from the executive meeting, the committee members will decide amongst themselves who will present the report of the committee.
  4. All members of the committee will be given reasonable notice in advance of any scheduled meetings of the committee.
  5. Quorum for the committee is 50 percent of established committee members.

Committee Members

Éric Poitras
Phyllis Allen
June Dale
Noha Haydari
Shawn Walker
Ateau Zola
Technical Advisor
Greg McNamara
Administrative Assistant


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