Terms of Reference

January 2022

  1. Review all component policies relating to member engagement on an ongoing basis and recommend changes to the National Executive.
  2. Provide guidance and recommendations to the National Executive on matters related to member engagement.
  3. Develop policies and strategies that facilitate member engagement, in collaboration with other committees and regional teams.
  4. Union of National Employees members in good standing may attend meetings of the committee as an observer.  All expenses incurred by observers attending the meeting are the responsibility of the individual observer or their local. Prior approval must be sought from the chair(s).
  5. Should the chair(s) of the committee be absent from the executive meeting, the committee members will decide amongst themselves who will present the report of the committee.
  6. Quorum for the committee is 50 percent of established committee members.

Committee Members

Shawn Walker
Céline Ahodékon
Keith Lemoine
Marion McLarty
Hayley Millington
Greg McNamara
Technical Advisor
Aurélie McDonald
Administrative Assistant



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