The PSAC is supporting and representing individual members in the Parks Canada Agency who file grievances against the results of a SERLO process. These grievances are being referred by mutual consent directly to the final level of the Grievance Procedure in Gatineau, Quebec for consultation and reply purposes. If they are denied by the final level Grievance Officer,  they have the potential to be referred by the PSAC to adjudication by the Public Service Labour Relations Board (PSLRB) as an alleged violation of an article of a collective agreement. We expect each grievor to have facts and arguments in support of the filing of his/her grievance.

Members who have not been selected for retention as a result of a SERLO process should have received their individual Statement of Assessment for a SERLO Process (Selection of Employees for Retention and Lay-Off). If they have it and are not in agreement with it, I recommend that with the assistance of a local union representative they file the following grievance against the results of the SERLO process in their individual cases:

I grieve the Statement of Assessment for a SERLO Process (Selection of Employees for Retention and Lay-Off) Employee Statement of Assessment SERLO ID (Insert Information Here) dated (Insert Date Here). The individual ratings and Total Rating of (Insert Rating Here) under Assessment Criteria in my case are not an accurate assessment as is required under the SERLO Process. I also grieve that this assessment is a violation of Appendix "K" and any related articles of my collective agreement between the Agency and the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC).

Consultation is requested on this grievance at level 2, the final level of the Grievance Procedure in the Parks Canada Agency, with Denis J. McCarthy, Special Advisor, Union of National Employees, Ottawa, Ontario my union representative.

Corrective Action Requested

I request that:

  1. The above-noted SERLO assessment be withdrawn;
  2. a new SERLO assessment be conducted to fully assess my qualifications;
  3. I not suffer from any prejudice as a result of having filed this grievance; and
  4. that I be made whole.
Should you have any questions about this process, please contact Denis McCarthy.
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