UNE hosts five conferences that occur every three years. Participants take part in educational sessions, listen to a variety of guest speakers and are provided with networking opportunities throughout the event.

Young Workers’ Conference

April 18-21, 2024

The UNE will hold its first Young Workers’ Conference in 2024. Members who are 35 years or younger are eligible to attend. Members will have the opportunity to discuss workplace challenges specific to younger employees as well as how to develop leadership skills vital to our Union and the labour movement. Click here for more information.

Human Rights Conference

The UNE Human Rights Conference is a four-day event where members celebrate their diversity and learn how to be allies in our ever-evolving culture of inclusiveness. The Union of National Employees is strongly devoted to safeguarding, promoting and advancing human rights. While unions have a rich history of advocating for human rights, UNE members are especially proud of our dedication to this cause. We are thrilled to have many individuals, who are part of equity-seeking communities, actively participating in union activities. The Conference is a safe space to discuss sensitive topics such as racism and oppression and hear from speakers on topics with the goal of educating and empowering members.  
In addition, elections will be held for the following UNE positions:

Local Presidents’ Conference

The UNE Local Presidents’ Conference is a 3-day event for all Local Presidents, or their designates, to gather and learn about leadership, activism, the Union’s structure and more. With over 170 Locals and more than 74 different employer groups, our membership is the most diverse of all the PSAC components. We have members from all across Canada in so many different workplaces. Take advantage of this event to meet other members and discuss your challenges and success stories.

Women’s Conference

The UNE Women’s Conference was first held in 2019 on a one-time basis but was such a success that the 2021 Convention voted to keep it as a recurring event every three years. This Conference recognizes that women deserve their own forum, one that addresses important issues and services not only activism, but improves and impacts our members’ overall lives.

Health & Safety Conference

Whether you work in the field or in an office environment, in an operational, administrative or regulatory capacity, as a long-time member of your Occupational Health & Safety Committee or a brand new health and safety advocate, we hope you find something of value at the UNE Health and Safety Conference. This three-day event is rich in content and also leaves room for participants to meet new people, engage in smaller group discussions and gain concrete tools to help you in your workplaces.U


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