Your union remains here to help you. UNE members requiring assistance or representation should contact their Local Executive officers, the appointed Deputy Trustee, or the National Labour Relations Officer responsible for their department.

Sharon DeSousa
UNE Trustee and PSAC National Executive Vice-President

John Gordon
UNE Trusteeship Administrator
(613) 315-3026

Mark Pecek
UNE Trusteeship Assistant Administrator
(613) 715-3418

Meera Chander
PSAC Political Assistant to the PSAC National Executive Vice-President

UNE Deputy Trustees:

Diane Levola
Deputy Trustee Ontario
(519) 272-3264

Yvon Beaudoin
Deputy Trustee Quebec
(418) 728-8709

Shirley Torres
Deputy Trustee British Columbia, Yukon Territory

Geoff Ryan
Deputy Trustee Alberta, Northwest Territories, Nunavut
(867) 222-1183

Gloria Pfeifer
Deputy Trustee Manitoba and Saskatchewan
(306) 514-3719

Chris Little-Gagné
Deputy Trustee National Capital Region (NCR-SE, Ottawa-TB, Gatineau-TB, Outside Canada)

Gail Budgell
Deputy Trustee Atlantic
(709) 424-2952


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