UNE Triennial Convention Update – Going Virtual 2021

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1. Eligibility to Attend Convention

The UNE Convention comprises accredited delegates from Locals, national executive officers and their assistants, representatives of the human rights committee, the twenty equity-group delegates elected at the UNE Human Rights Conference and two youth delegates elected by each region. Observers from Locals in conformance may also attend at the Local's and/or personal expense.

2. Elect delegates and their alternates

Delegates and alternates are elected during general local meetings. The number of delegates per Local is determined by the number of members it has in good standing six months before the start of convention.

  1. Four to 100 members: one delegate;
  2. One delegate for each 100 members or portion thereof to a maximum of five delegates.

3. Register Online

Once you have been elected as a delegate, alternate or observer, complete our secure online registration form.

4. Credential Forms & Meeting Minutes

Locals must submit credential forms for each of their delegates, alternates and observers. Credential forms for delegates and alternates must include a copy of the general local meeting minutes showing the election of those members as delegates or alternates.

5. Approved Leave

Do you work for Parks Canada or Treasury Board? These employers require a leave letter from UNE when you request to take union leave with pay for Convention. By providing your employer with this leave letter, you will continue to be paid and avoid complications caused by the Phoenix pay system. Parks and TB members will receive a union leave request letter from UNE for September 13-17 following online registration.

6. Make sure your Local is in conformance

You can only attend convention if your Local is in conformance. UNE must receive these completed forms by May 13, 2021..

7. Deadlines

To be recognized as a delegate to convention, members must complete the online registration (to be opened in February) and submit the following documents by May 13, 2021;

  1. Credential forms, including meeting minutes showing election of delegates and alternates
  2. Local financial documents in conformance with UNE Bylaws and Policies;

Members who have not returned their completed credential forms by Thursday, May 13, 2021 are:

Your local’s audited financial statement for 2018 must also be received by May 13, 2021..

8. Use of your Personal Contact Information

As a delegate, you have the right and responsibility to make informed decisions on issues which will be presented to you, including the election of UNE Officers. Similarly, members who run for elected office (candidates) have the right and responsibility to communicate with convention delegates. As a result, upon request, candidates are entitled to receive your personal contact information from the Union of National Employees-PSAC. Personal contact information includes your name, address, phone number and email address. Your personal contact information will be shared on a need-to-know basis only. Therefore, candidates may only obtain personal contact information from members who are entitled to vote on the position for which they are seeking elected office (e.g. candidates who run for National positions, or candidates who run for Regional positions in your region only). Candidates may only use this information to communicate with you about their candidacy. They are also required to safeguard your personal contact information in accordance with Union of National Employees-PSAC Privacy policies (Refer to Policy CE-1).

9. Convention Committees

Delegates to convention will be able to express their interest in participating in one of the three convention committees tasked with reviewing resolutions submitted to convention.

10. Resolutions

Resolutions Form

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