Countdown to Convention:

August 21-25, 2023  |  Sheraton Centre Hotel  | Toronto, ON

The 2023 UNE Triennial Convention is scheduled to take place at the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto, Ontario from August 21-25, 2023. Delegates will also be expected to attend caucuses on Sunday, August 20, and so should plan to travel and arrive in Toronto on Saturday, August 19.

The Triennial Convention is where delegates vote on resolutions submitted by members and elect the UNE national and regional leaders for the upcoming mandate.

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Make sure your Local is in Conformance

You can only attend Convention if your Local is in conformance. To achieve conformance, your Local must fill out and submit the following documents:

Elect Delegates and their Alternates

Delegates and alternates are elected during general Local meetings. The number of delegates per Local is determined by the number of members in good standing six months before the start of Convention as per UNE Bylaw 6, Section 10. Alternates should be ranked.

  1. If your Local has between 4 and 100 members, it can send one delegate;
  2. Your Local can also send one delegate for each additional 100 members or portion thereof to a maximum of five delegates.

For example, a Local with 101-199 members can send two delegates.


Locals in conformance can also send observers to Convention at the Local’s expense. These members attend Convention, but they cannot participate in debate or vote on resolutions or elections.

Submit Credential Forms

Credential forms for each delegate, alternate and observer must be submitted to UNE. These forms must be accompanied by a copy of the general Local meeting minutes showing the election of those members. The credentials forms are available for download on the Convention section of the UNE website.

Registration Deadline

To be recognized as a delegate to Convention, members must complete the online registration and submit the following documents by Monday, May 15, 2023:

  1. Credential forms
  2. Meeting minutes showing election of delegates and alternates;
  3. Local financial documents in conformance with UNE Bylaws and Policies.

Members who miss the deadline will not be able to participate on Convention committees and are considered late delegates. Late delegates are seated at Convention by way of procedural motion during the early stages of the opening of Convention.

Questions about Convention Logistics and Registration?

We hope you will find all the answers on the Convention section of our website.

If you require additional information, please contact Suzanne Boucher, Conferences & Convention Administrator, at or at 613-560-4359 or 1-800-663-6685.

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As per UNE Bylaw 2, section 30, The election of the national president, national executive vice-president, national vice president for human rights, assistant vice-president for human rights, vice-presidents for each region and the assistant vice-presidents for each region will proceed in the following order:

National Elections:

Regional Elections:

Delegates to PSAC Convention:

Each UNE region is allotted a number of delegate positions to the PSAC National Triennial Convention, scheduled to be held in Ottawa on May 28 - June 2, 2024. These elections for delegates and alternates are held in regional caucuses following the elections for Regional positions.

To run for national and regional positions, please complete and submit the Nomination form and submit it to Ateau Zola at Nominations can also be made from Convention floor.



Option 1

Locals should appoint a Convention resolutions committee; these are normally made up of three to five members. Some Locals may prefer to appoint a committee for each resolution topic: constitution and bylaws, finance, and general resolutions. Your Local should issue a notice asking members to submit resolutions to your Convention resolutions committee. Allow plenty of time for the committee to prepare a report. Members of the committee should also be encouraged to submit their own resolutions. Each committee’s report and additional resolutions should be presented during a general membership meeting. This meeting should provide ample time to debate resolutions before members cast a vote.

Option 2

Any member in good standing can submit a resolution to Convention by having it co-signed by five other members in good standing.

Submit Your Resolution Online

You should submit your resolutions electronically on our website. Completing this process significantly reduces the time required to prepare resolutions for committee review in June.

Submit Supporting Documentation

The resolutions you submit online must also be supported by signed minutes verifying that the resolution was adopted during a general membership meeting. You can download the resolution template on our Convention page here.

Please send scanned versions of these hard copies to the attention of Ateau Zola by email at

You can also submit by fax at 613-560-4208, or by mail at: Union of National Employees 900-150 Isabella St. Ottawa (ON) K1S 1V7.

Resolutions received after Monday, May 15, 2023 will be deemed late and will be dealt with after all other resolutions.

Questions about resolutions?

Please contact Ateau Zola at or at 613-560-4343 or 1-800-663-6685.

We look forward to seeing you in Toronto!

In Solidarity,

Sharon DeSousa
UNE Trustee
PSAC National Executive Vice-President

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