Our union owes a great debt to countless members who put themselves forward and run for elected positions. Whether at the national, regional or local level, these individuals offer an invaluable service to their members.

Contrary to how unions are portrayed in the media, there are no union “bosses”. All union leaders are democratically elected by their peers. Furthermore, the vast majority of our decisions, especially when it comes to how we spend funds, are made democratically by our members during convention.

National Executive

The National Executive is responsible for the policies, programs and direction of the Union of National Employees. It includes the national president, the national executive vice-president, the national vice-president for human rights, and all regional vice-presidents. Between conventions, it makes important decisions and creates policies that help look after our union. The executive also carries out resolutions adopted by the members during the last convention.

Click here for a complete list of national executive members and their contact information.

Regional Teams

The Union of National Employees has eleven regions to better serve its members. Some regions are determined by geography, while others bring together employees of a particular workplace.

Each region has its unique qualities. That's why we rely on our regional teams to assist our members and Locals. Members of our regional team work together with our National Labour Relations Officers and local union representatives to defend your rights.

For more information on your regional team, please visit the regions section of our website.

Human Rights Committee

The Union of National Employees has long been an advocate for equality rights. Our human rights committee dates back to 1978!

This committee consists of the national vice-president for human rights, the assistant national vice-president for human rights, five national equity representatives and eleven regional human rights representatives.

Click here to find out more about the human rights committee


Members of your local executive are also elected; they’re there to help you at the grassroots level. It’s made up of people who work where you work (and it's also a great place to start getting involved with your union!)

You can find out more about Locals, please click here.

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