Tiling Guidelines

  1. Persons who enter will clearly display their credentials and enter through the correct door.
  2. Authorized staff may enter through any door.
  3. Upon a call for a standing vote or a secret ballot, the Chairperson will respond by saying: “Tile the doors”. No one will be allowed in without the permission of the Chair until the final results of the vote in question is announced. The doors may be untiled when the results are announced, and the Chair declares that the doors can be opened. In the event of a tie vote, delegates must await the decision of the Chair.
  4. Delegates with disabilities will not have their ability to vote compromised by their disability. UNE will make every reasonable effort to accommodate those members.
  5. When a delegate who does not require accommodation leaves the convention floor while the doors are tiled, the delegate will not be allowed to re-enter the hall until the final balloting results have been announced for the vote in question.
  6. The UNE recognizes that voting can be a lengthy process. Members with disabilities will be allowed to leave and re-enter the hall while the doors are tiled. In order to receive this accommodation, members who feel that their disability may prevent them from remaining in the convention hall for long periods of time will be asked to self-identify at registration.
  7. Registration staff will provide delegates who request this accommodation with a special identification on the back of the member's badge. When they wish to leave or return to the Convention floor, delegates must show their badge and special identification to the officer who is tiling the door at the designated exit. The officer will record the exit and entry of the member.
  8. The Credentials Committee or its representatives will add the member’s name and delegate number to the Voting accommodation list.
  9. While the doors are tiled, a person whose name and delegate number appears on the Voting accommodation list may leave the floor, with the implied consent of the Chair.
  10. The convention will make every possible effort to ensure that persons with disabilities have an opportunity to vote first, should they need to do so.
  11. Persons with disabilities who must leave while the doors are tiled can do so by using the designated exit.
  12. The officer tiling the door at the designated exit will record the exit and entry of the member.
  13. A person on the Voting accommodation list may re-enter the room before the vote is decided, but only after all of the other delegates have finished voting.




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